A piece of history

"Edelweiss" was founded in 1995 on 10 May 1960 by the deceased Honorary Chairman Wiel Heijltjes so called.


Started as a youth group at blank stares and homemade drumsticks were diligently practiced under the guidance of Mr W. Heijltjes to be the first to master the tricks of the trommelvak. The training camp was located in front the ' Heksenbergse "Heide.Over time, some inhabitants of the District went heksenberg itself more and more music-making for the youth group's interest. After much deliberation, they decided to make a real Association.Edelweiss drew for the first time in 1961 with Carnival through the streets of the neighborhood to heksenberg Heerlen. No one would have to believe, that this first gig when the offense would essentially by a stormy youth drumband growth to the Corps what it is today.


The Board wanted it right away right when Mr. van Bentum, one of the better instructors at the time, bringing in. Thus grew the drumband from youth into a high-quality corps consisting of drums, drums and a tamboermaitrestaf klaroenen, depth.

Not long after the members were also able to cross in a uniform, immaculate white suits and skirts with blue caps and a yellow self binder.


Over time changed the name "Edelweiss" in Rembrandt's Youth hunting horn & drumband Corps "Edelweiss". This is because there is then also a new instrument was added to the Group nature; namely: the hunting horn.

Marcel Falize.


The Corps went more and more participate in competitions and worked himself so on to that they earned promotion to the honorary Division in 1981. With the win in 1990 by Mr. Marcel Falize, world renowned percussionist of Andre Rieu's Strauss Orchestra, there were unprecedented opportunities to further expand the already-posted successfully yet. Under his leadership they played WMC's, Tatptoes and many national and international competitions, Championships and they won many prizes. This all with their typical music sound what is unprecedented. Especially considering their unique sound of the hunting horn, which in all its compositions. The pieces also by Mr. Falize & shows are self written and conceived, what makes it entirely unique.The Corps currently plays in the highest Division for her music type, the first Division section B. 

World Music Concours 2013.

Edelweiss guest at concert of Andre Rieu.