What is a natural instrument?

A hunting horn is a wind instrument, where to blow his show from the natuurtonen series. The technique of overblowing a hunting horn is based on. The hunting horn stands out from the valve Horn, by the lack of buttons and valves, to easily play chromatically. 

You make so itself, by the harshness with which you blow, the height of the play show, combined with the stress on the lips. In short quite something else like a instrument with valves, where you ventielem the tones by combinations of these.

The tones that may arise

With blowing of air from your mouth through your instituted lips bring hostels, please use the mouth piece in the hunting horn tube in vibration. You determine the frequency of air vibration with the thrill of your lips; the embouchuri strained high pitched, relax low tone. In the hunting horn caused the blazer also a pressure higher than that of the outside air. At the end of the Horn is the air pressure in the hunting horn equal to that of the outside air. Only full-width and half-wavelength frequencies fit into the tube of the hunting horn. And only those frequencies supply a (natural) show on. for those who know more of vibrations, at the mouthpiece you always have a ' button ' to output a hunting horn a belly. Also the air pressure around the Horn, the temperature and humidity, a play in this physical process-small-role.


The length & the vote

The length of the Horn tube, of the hunting horn, determined the vote. Longer meant a vote in a lower key, a vote in the upper shorter show. Our Corps plays in e flat Section B; Our horns are tuned in b. This is also reflected in our ranking; Division-B.